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Our First Aid Programmes for Children

  1. Early Years
    Early Years
    Our Early Years Junior First Aid programme allows children from as young as 3 - 5 years to access learning the very basics of first aid through age appropriate activities meeting the EYFS curriculum.
  2. After School Clubs
    After School Clubs
    AG First Aid Training brings an exciting learning experience programme which provides essential life skills for children through interactive and fun learning activities.
  3. Primary Schools
    Primary Schools
    Our practical Junior First Aid course teaches basic life saving skills to primary school children covering PSHE and Sport national curricular for Key Stages 1, 2 & 3. Primary school children & teachers love it!
  4. Holiday Clubs
    Holiday Clubs
    AG First Aid Training provides holiday club Junior First Aid workshops and schemes with a huge emphasis on fun! Children from 4 - 11 years are able to access and participate in learning within competitions

Our popular Junior First Aid Workshops​
Children can help to save lives!

AG First Aid Training delivers a variety of First Aid workshops for children 
 * Early Years First Aid - for pre-schools & nurseies
 * Junior First Aid - for primary schools
 * Student First Aid - for 11 - 16 years
 * Holiday Scheme Programmes & Workshops

All of our First Aid Workshops have been specifically designed for children aged from as young a 3 years up to 16 years.

Our workshops provide children with the skills and knowledge to recognise a variety of first aid situations, how to deal with them and summon help.  The aim of our courses is to teach children vital and essential life skills.  These skills are taught through practical activities and demonstrations through a fun learning programmes with encouraged participation (although it is not essential.) 

With experienced education trainers, AG First Aid Training offers unique  programmes that children throroughly enjoy and learn from.

Fun learning & practical activities

Confidence with CPR!

By selecting our First Aid Workshops, you can be confident that it is being delivered by an approved & fully qualified education & first aid trainer.  All of our trainers are
CRB/DBS checked and insured. 

Every child's attendance is recognised by being presented with an achievement pack.  This includes a First Aid booklet, certificate, stickers and lots of other resources. 

* What is first aid and who can deliver first aid
* When and how to get help - call 999
* How to check if someone is responsive
* Putting someone into the recovery position
* What to do if you think a casualty is not breathing
* CPR compressions only
* The choking casualty
* What to do if someone is bleeding
​* What to do if someone suffers a burn

 Fun learning resources 

Helping each other with bandages

DID YOU KNOW....that all of our childrens First Aid programmes fit into the Early Years Foundation Stage curricular and PSHE National Curriculum for Key Stages 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.  ​We use a range of learning resources and equipment to help children learn first aid safely.​


We featured in the Cambridge Evening news and Cambridge Independant News after our successful Early Years Programme was launched in 2016 and we featured in the National Nursery World Magazine & Primary Times. 

​We went on Cambridgehsire 105, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Zack FM radio to talk about our Childrens First Aid programmes available for early years, primary and secondary schools and within the PSHE National Curriculum.

​Every child receives a certificate participating in a first aid programme with us and we had great fun presenting certificates to children who completed their Junior First Aid programme at the Univeristy of Cambridge Primary School alongside Tom Lynch MBE from the London Ambulance Service (Photo above)

We supported The Cambridge Day Nursery accessing their Millies Mark and In Safe Hands Awards ensuring 100% staff workforce being Paediatric First Aid trained.  We also supported the setting with their 24 hour CPR marathon,  sponsored event in 2018 raising money for The British Heart Foundation attempting the Guiness World Book of Records for continous CPR.